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Tango in Moscow Танго

Tango in Moscow Have you ever been to Moscow?

Have you ever had a wish to come?

We'd love you to come!

You can find the list of actual tango-events in Moscow in our Tango-Calendar.
Only here - all Moscow tango-life in one place! :)
Here's the Google translation from russian into english.
All the events are links to forum threads. F.e., the links to the milongas are orange.)

Usually you can find the address, "how_to_get_there_map", milonga description etc in the 1st post of the thread.
Please check the last posts if milonga is confirmed for the current week.
Please note that sometimes the organizator announce events just 1 day before!

Also we have a calendar for the tango-festivals in Russia and all over the world (mostly, Europe)

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